Coffee table

For the design of this coffee table which I built for my son, I give full credit to B.R. Delaney of Fieldstone Artistry.  My son liked it and I decided to copy the design.  I made a few modifications: length is 10 cm shorter. Delaney built the tabletop as one solid piece of ash, and removed rectangular portions from the underside to make it lighter, by drilling large holes and flattening the recesses using a router. I found this a lot of work and a waste of wood, moreover I don't have a suitable drill press to drill all the holes. Therefore I made it as a board with a thickness of 2 cm, to the edges of which I glued the sloping sides: same result visually, less waste, and less work. 

For the top, I selected pieces of ash that where somewhat figured. The frame is also ash, blackened using a spirit-based black stain. Finish is two coats of Danish oil and a coat of wax. Like Delaney, I used brass pegs to strenghten the mortise and tenon joints (except for those in the horizontal crossbeam at the bottom).

Dimensions: H 46cm, D 56 cm, W 150 cm.

Pictures: Coffee table


Bernard Delaey