very nice

joris 02/08/2018
Hallo Bernard,
I was only a little antique restorer in my student times ( RUG ), so I appreciate the work you are making, especially because my intrestings
wented to art deco and German Biedermeier, which are very close to your style.
Congratulations !!

Re: very nice

Bernard 02/11/2018
Thanks for the nice comments, much appreciated. Always nice to see someone likes my work!

Nice work!

Joachim Boucneau 01/25/2017
Impressive portfolio. I might catch you in the corridors. Just started evening classes woodwork. Always interesting to hear from a more experienced person. Your tool cabinet looks handy. Isee you even have your own "draaibank'. Cheers!


Carlo Boutton 02/11/2016
Impressive work Bernard!

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