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06/04/2017 16:51
This is a small desk combining several woods: pear (top and sides), cherry (bottom and drawers), willow (drawer fronts), wengé (legs) and ebony (drawer pulls).
02/05/2017 20:38
Plans and  drawings 
01/20/2017 23:47
Vacuum press system for producing wood laminates or veneer Vacuum clamp systemglueing
01/06/2017 23:06
Cabinet in cherry and black and white ebony veneer
02/07/2016 20:27
Bathroom table - plans Plans - display cabinet
01/30/2016 13:59
Building process
01/30/2016 11:56
The sides of the cabinet are made from bent and laminated veneer-covered plywood.  The laminate consists of 5 layers, from outside to inside: cherry veneer, flexible plywood, beech veneer, flexible plywood, beech veneer.  Total thickness is approximately 12 mm (5 mm for each plywood...
01/29/2016 17:34
Various other stuff
01/24/2016 14:42
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